Why Open-Source Software is Essential for Developers?

Open source software has become very popular over the past decade or two. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that technology infrastructure depends on a lot of open source software. In 2021, 76% of all companies surveyed said that they were using open source software for their operations. Software developers are increasingly relying on open source software for their work.

Open Source Software: the concept

Open source software refers to software available on an open source license. What this means is that the code is available for anyone to see. Not only can they use the software, they can even modify the code to suit their specific needs. Such modified software can then be shared with others.

This is highly beneficial since it saves a lot of time in design and coding. A ready code that has been tested is available for anyone to use. Documentation is also provided, so the code can be changed to include additional requirements or make changes. Open source software has changed the way software development works making the work of developers easier.

Open source for developers

Let us understand why developers should consider using open source software:

  • It speeds up the development process. When code is already available, why spend time doing things from scratch? Open source software allowed developers to use what is already available and build on it. This helps them save a lot of time thereby speeding up the development process.
  • Collaboration is facilitated when open source software is used. Code that has been tested and used is available for developers. There are also communities where they can participate to talk about the code, its design, and other issues. This kind of collaborative effort makes the development process convenient and robust. Developers would also have the satisfaction of adding a piece of code that would benefit others.
  • The biggest benefit of open source is that it is free. There are no fees to be paid. Any developer can access the code with the only condition being it is used as per the open source license. This is highly beneficial for small development firms and startups who have limited budgets. It helps them save a lot of money that can be deployed for other useful purposes.

While there is no doubt about the benefits of open source software, there are issues to keep in mind. Security is a concern, and it is important to carry out a security review of open source software before using. This would help in minimizing risks.

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