Are PWAs & User Retention Related?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have come about as game-changers in today’s digital space, bridging gaps between conventional websites and local mobile apps observed Bahaa Al Zubaidi. They provide improved performance, capabilities offline, and a smooth user experience. Businesses have used PWAs to boost user retention and enhance conversion rates. There are real-world success stories that make a strong case for PWAs, and it is worth delving into these.

Alibaba: Faster Loading Times and Engagement

Alibaba, among the world’s biggest e-commerce platforms, adopted PWAs to hasten loading times for its mobile website. This optimization led to a 76% rise in conversion rates through user retention. Additionally, users have spent 4.3 minutes, on the PWA, per session, compared to 2.9 minutes on the last mobile site.

Starbucks: Mobile Ordering Gets a Boost

Starbucks launched a PWA to smoothen its mobile system of ordering. By taking advantage of the PWA’s offline capabilities, Starbucks users are able to browse menus and place their orders even when they have restricted internet connectivity. This improved accessibility has resulted in rising user retention and greater conversion rates for the Starbucks mobile application.

Trivago: Faster Loading Times and More Conversions

The prime hotel booking platform, Trivago, used a PWA in response to slow loading times and improved user experience. The PWA gave rise to a 150% increase in engagement from users and a 97% rise in click-outs to hotel deals and offers, finally leading to greater conversion rates.

Twitter Lite: Accessibility and Data-Efficiency

Twitter Lite is a PWA that is developed for users in areas with limited internet connectivity. This has significantly bolstered user retention plus accessibility. It also reduced data use by nearly 70%, giving users access to the platform more flexibly, which, in turn, led to improved rates of retention.

Forbes: Accelerating Loading and User Retention

The renowned media company, Forbes, adopted a PWA tactic to boost its mobile site. This has resulted in a 43% increase in every session per user and a 100% rise in user engagement.

Lancôme: Mobile Shopping Gets a Jump Start

Lancôme, a famous cosmetics brand, introduced PWAs to compel the mobile shopping experience. There was a 53% increase in the PWA, regarding mobile sessions and a 17% surge in conversions.

PWAs in Action – Success Stories in Business

Real-life success stories bring to the fore the transformation that PWAs bring to the table in the effective functioning of international business. What do PWAs do? They result in rapid loading times, great offline operations, and an overall smooth experience for all users, wherever they may be.

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