Understanding SMBs’ Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation is critical for SMBs, even though it is an extensive exercise stated Bahaa Al Zubaidi. What does it do? Digital Transformation redefines a business and streamlines its business operations and models. Thus, a business is able to offer a frictionless customer experience along with the employees. Digital transformation is aimed at making a fundamental change by introducing digital technologies and tools in every step of a business.

Most SMBs have limited resources which poses a challenge to efficient operations. Digital transformation helps an SMB to cut down on the time required for routine tasks, and do other things like quick customer onboarding using the saved time. Also, when manual processes are used in an organisation, a number of errors can take place. With automation, there is a minute chance of errors. When a company embraces digitalisation, it can increase its product value and respond faster to consumer demands.

Challenges SMBs Face in their digital transformation journey

There are some challenges that most SMBs face when starting their digital transformation drive. The most common challenges are:

  • Employee reluctance at adopting new processes
  • Lack of clarity and misinformation regarding the digital transformation strategy
  • Short of inhouse expertise who can navigate the digital transformation
  • Not having the required budget for implementation of the digitalisation
  • Handling and maintaining cybersecurity issues like data breaches and malware attacks
  • Not adapting to changing customer demands or not being flexible
  • Employees lacking digital skills or digital literacy
  • Sticking to its legacy system and old business model
  • Not using the available data to make informed and critical decisions
  • Focusing only on the tip of the digital iceberg

How can SMBs overcome their biggest challenges during digital transformation

Here are some tips which can act as guidelines that SMBs can follow to overcome the challenges of digital transformation:

  • Handling talent shortage – The global tech market is expected to see a massive human talent shortage. SMBs should put in all efforts to retain their best employees
  • Mapping out a clear and detailed digital transformation strategy with defined goals and achievable targets
  • Informing the employees clearly about the need and benefits of digital transformation
  • Phasing out the adoption of new technology with which the employees and customers are comfortable with
  • Trusting the in-house tech team with implementing the projects instead of outsourcing consultants
  • The CEO or owner arranging a leadership team who will steer the transformation journey from end-to-end
  • Indulge in a competitive analysis to learn and understand what mistakes their rivals made during digital transformation and how the transformation helped the rivals

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