Performance Testing in an Agile Environment

Performance testing involves determining whether or not an application’s performance is suitable for mass production. An application receives an authentication for being production-ready if it passes the extensive and demanding performance testing methods.

A successful performance test indicates that the application will behave appropriately under a particular load or stress. The parameters covered by performance testing include:

·      The acceptable usage of resources needed to complete a task

·      The acceptable form and quantity of output, and

·      The acceptable amount of time to complete an activity.

The maximum load the program will be able to support when numerous concurrent users utilize the application is another crucial factor to take into account.

What is an Agile Environment?

Most firms today are attempting to set up and adhere to an agile environment. That is because it offers a framework that helps to produce high quality deliverables in less time than the formerly used Waterfall approach.

This setting also enhances collaboration between the many stakeholders, which results in considerably more clarity of the product’s business purpose and enhanced quality. As previously said, an Agile development method eliminates the difficulties of a conventional waterfall model and increases ROI.

How to Test Performance in Agile Environment?

Performance testing is necessary to properly evaluate and weed out any inefficiencies in the final product. It is true even though an Agile environment needs flexibility to sustain itself and cannot operate in an inefficient paradigm. The surroundings are obviously ideal for the process to develop and flourish.

Similarity between Agile Environment and Performance Testing

The performance testing process mirrors the activity by capturing and fixing the performance bottlenecks for the specific software or product in question. An Agile environment focuses on analysing and finding out the performance-related obstacles hurting a business’ critical processes at the earliest opportunity in order to help it thrive.

Distinction between Agile Environment and Performance Testing

Performance testing and an Agile scenario differ in the following ways:

While different teams may interpret the term “Agile implementation” differently, a performance tester often fills the same job as he is accustomed to.

In an Agile setting, the same activities must be completed for smaller iterations starting from the first stage of the SDLC itself. In a traditional context, specialists are typically engaged in performance testing at the tail end of SDLC.

Once the overall SDLC’s final goal has been established, the process is broken down into smaller, SMART goals in an agile environment. Each of these goals serves as a deliverable for the following iteration. These iterations may be more frequent if performance testing is included into this environment. This article is published by the editorial board of techdomain news. For more information, please visit,

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