New Customer Experiences with AR

The introduction of augmented reality (AR) in online shopping has created innovative shopping experiences for a consumer base that is increasingly preferring to shop online than going out observed Bahaa Al Zubaidi. There are many advantages to this as it saves time, effort and is also exciting to try out products virtually. Here are some of the most popular examples of how 21st century marketing has used AR-powered features to improve the shopping experience for millions of consumers.


Leading the AR race among the haute couture brands in the world, Burberry is a veteran when it comes to using new-gen tech to attract their high-end customers. They collabed with Google search engine to help users view what their products looked like in real time. This delivered the offline shopping experience right to their smartphones. They also regularly use and experiment with AR technologies in all their international campaigns.


By introducing an app that lets their consumers virtually try shoes on, Adidas has upped the shoe-shopping game. By giving them a realistic view from the comfort of their homes, it made shopping visually exhiliarating. This is not their first rodeo in AR marketing too. Adidas previously ran a campaign in Europe where their retail stores sported scannable QR codes that opened up to AR-powered digital environments.

Amazon’s Room Decorator

All you need is a Prime membership to make full use of this Amazon AR tool. You can easily visualize your wishlist of home items in real time as this feature allows you to virtually decorate your room with the products. You can add various household objects, shift things around the room to see what they look like and unleash you creativity online before you make the final purchase.


The global paint brand Dulux has changed the game in colorful AR tech with the Visualization app that allows you to paint your walls and choose from thousands of colors. All you need to do is download it and open up the camera to your walls. Finding the right shades of joy that will adorn your house has never been easier!


The American clothing chain Kohl’s was one of the pioneers in retail fashion to expand their consumer base with a virtual closet. They partnered with Snapchat to invite users to add their shopping list to this closet, shop from the latest collections and find the perfect outfit by trying them on digitally.


By using smart mirrors that allowed customers to virtually try on glasses in their stores, Ray-Ban enthralled their fans who loved the AR tool even if they didn’t buy anything. The mirrors even told them if the products were in stock and helped in finding the right pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses that suited their face best.

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