Importantance of Cyber Security Knowhow

We live in an era where data breaches are no longer breaking news but a common occurrence noted by Bahaa Al Zubaidi. Cybercriminals are evolving to circumvent even the latest security tools. A single lapse in security can cost millions of dollars for the company and the reputation earned from all their consumers. Raising awareness about cybersecurity in your workforce is the need of the hour.

More than 74% of data breaches that took place in 2023 had the element of human error. Majority of companies do not invest time and resources in ample education about cybersecurity for their employees. Nor are they insured against such attacks. The main aim of this awareness is equipping the employee base about all the latest cybersecurity threats so they do not fall prey to them unwittingly. No matter if you’re a boss or an intern, here are the key areas that your cybersecurity curriculum should focus on.

Prevention is better

When it comes to tackling cyber threats, prevention is always preferred over trying to solve the mess at a later date. This is why providing up-to-date information to the employees on handling cyber threats and crisis management is essential.

Revisit basics

Your awareness classes should be beneficial to everyone from novices to experts. Teach your employees all the basics about protecting yourself against phishing, identity thefts, social engineering and so on.

Bolster your security tech

Ensure your employees are using the latest security solutions and invest in modern tech for the same. Spare no effort in ensuring your computers are running on the latest softwares and malware protection tools.

Educate employees and customers alike

It is pertinent to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats on both the employee and consumer ends. This also raises your visibility and reputation in their minds as a tech-savvy company who values their data.

Raising the bar for compliance

Do not conduct a cybersecurity class simply for the sake of complying to company policies. Take it seriously and provide valuable skills to your employees. Reducing human errors reduces the entire risk of cyber threats.

Hands-on training

Your employees will get a good idea if you give them practical training on how to combat cyber attacks. You can hold mock-up classes to respond to cyber attacks. Keeping these pointers in mind will help you go a long way in becoming a vigilant employer who is prepared to take on any cybersecurity challenge.

The article has been written by Bahaa Al Zubaidi and has been published by the editorial board of

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