How To Protect Against Cyber Threats?

As a smartphone user in 2024, you must have concerns about the escalating concerns surrounding mobile security threats ststed by Bahaa Al Zubaidi. We’ve prepared a listicle of the most common cyber risks and ways to prevent them.


This is the most common mobile security threat in today’s world where seemingly authentic emails or text messages target ignorant users who open the links in them. You will be prompted to enter your credentials like username, password, credit card information and so on.

SIM hijacking

Cyber criminals are misusing weak links in 2FA or MFA to send a text message and takeover a person’s phone number or identity. Ensure your authentication methods are up-to-date with your current emails and phone numbers, especially those linked to bank accounts.

Miscellaneous apps

Most often, opening pop-ups and ads might have triggered the phone to download random apps. If you identify any suspicious app you’ve never seen before, uninstall it immediately.

Public Wi-Fi

Exercise caution while using public WiFi and avoid it all together whenever possible. Get a VPN or a good data plan when you travel abroad as cyber criminals use them to steal sensitive data easily.


Spyware refers to malicious software that targets you and gains unauthorized access to your data immediately. Ransomware on the other hand is hackers monitoring your activity till their gain access of confidential data, and then demand a ransom from you.

Artificial Intelligence-based crimes

Cyber criminals are on the rise with their expertise in A.I.-based fraud schemes. Phone calls imitating the voice of someone you know and even video calls that mimic someone’s real-time presence are being reported in many parts of the world.

How can I protect myself against these threats?

No matter if you’re an Android or iOS user, keep your phones updated with the latest software. Ensure you have a strong passcode, swipe pattern or biometrics turned on. Invest in a good VPN to secure your transactions. As new cyber crimes are being reported daily, please update yourself by checking the news regularly. Follow tech accounts raising awareness on social media sites and inform educate your family members about the same.

Watch out for the following signs to guard against spyware. If you notice your battery draining more quickly than usual, your phone heating up or any fishy new apps installed on your phone, it isn’t good news. Likewise, if you’re noticing a spike in WiFi or phone service bills, you need to get the phone checked. Contact a mobile security expert to be sure you aren’t a victim of cybersecurity fraud.

The article has been written by Bahaa Al Zubaidi and has been published by the editorial board of

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