How to measure the sucess of Testing CoE?

CoE stands for testing centre of excellence. It is a standard key metric that defines the quality assurance policies that take place in an organization. Testing CoE is a storehouse of commands related to standardized testing, best practices, methodology, metrics, automation, and tools. It merges all the available tools to ensure that quality processes are optimal across the organization both prior to and beyond deployment and production.

It is also known as QA Centre of excellence and established Agile development environment (Test bed) to test projects across the organization. It automates the workflow, as managing QA teams in manual teams can often become chatic. Also, it is difficult to switch QA members from one project to the next.TCoE process organizes process documentation, support, training for QA test engineers. Once this process is in place, testers do not find it challenging to switch amongst projects.

What can TCoE do?

  • It helps in checking defect entry/bug
  • It maintains defect tracking tool, procedures and instruction.
  • It helps manage manual test procedures and techniques
  • It has manual test example
  • It automates test development procedures
  • It automates test examples
  • It contains automated tool use instructions
  • It defines QA role definitions and description

Who manages TCoE?

Testing centre of excellence is meant to measure and improve the quality using continuous improvement methods. It increases efficiency of the testing team. Quality assurance leads, senior quality assurance managers are responsible for implementing the QA processes, educate the test teams and update the documentation.

What are the benefits of implementing standard QA processes?

Organizing teams via TCoE improves speed of testing, and overall effectiveness of the applications. We get to know what to expect from the developers, designers, and streamline our test cases accordingly.

In this was QA test engineers can focus on improving their test quality, without losing on creativity and innovation. They do not have to limit their testing effort. Organized testing is much easier to track and document. It eliminates any extraneous activity and focuses on the target.

What does standard QA process include?

  • It ensures organizing testing efforts
  • It prevents the need to train QA engineers
  • It ensures testing depth
  • It eliminates any guesswork
  • It helps build leadership and training skills
  • It improves adherence to rules and consistency

How does TCoE improve the process?

The prime focus of TCoE is to streamline the testing process across the organization, and remove any discrepancies. Organized TCoE can help management understand what to expect and where to focus while the product is still in development phase.

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