Cyber Security Landscape: An Intro

Every day, we deal with new challenges and innovative tools of protection in the field of cybersecurity observed by Bahaa Al Zubaidi. The nature of these threats is fast-growing and differs from industry to industry. If you are curious what the realm of cyber threats will look like in the next decade, you are not alone. With novel problems must come novel solutions and we must be prepared to face any obstacle in the dynamic era of cybertech. Read on to find out the major trends that will shape the future of cybersecurity in the next ten years.

AI and ML-based cyber tech solutions

The use of biometric technologies, Artificial Intelligence-based solutions and Machine Learning-fueled innovations are changing the game in cyber tech. The upcoming years will see a proliferation of it and its widespread use in many departments like defense, healthcare, electricity and so on. A.I. in particular will prove vital in honing the technology, scoping out and eliminating cyber threats with matchless speed and precision.

Blockchain powering the future

The crossover between cybersecurity and blockchain is also an area of interest. Due to its decentralised nature, blockchain proves efficient as it is more difficult for miscreants to compromise blockchain-based cybersecurity solutions. This is already being implemented in the financial sector.

IoT-related advancements

As IoT (Internet of Things) paves the way to a smarter future, there will be a rise in IoT-related threats and a simultaneous advancement of cyber tech to battle the same. Since everything is interconnected from home devices to industrial appliances, modern tech solutions will be ramped up to provide state-of-the-art cybersecurity systems.

5G and more

The arrival of 5G and eventually even faster networks has made it easy for both consumers and cyber criminals to swiftly conduct transactions and crimes alike. Evolved protection will be met with evolving cyber risks, so it is crucial to invest in updated shielding technologies.

Cloud management

Remote workers have given rise to remote cyberattacks that target cloud storage and services. As more users increasingly store their sensitive information on the cloud, the tech that powers the same will also see major developments. Cybersecurity solutions solely for better cloud management will be on the rise.

Global legal frameworks

A big spike in cybercrime is a near reality. The reporting and prosecution of cyber crimes is also a difficult task as cyber criminals often mask themselves behind virtually untraceable digital footprints. Nations around the world could potentially frame legal frameworks and global policies for the protection of users online. Digital privacy and data safety will be the building blocks of the future landscape of cybersecurity.

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