Common mistakes to avoid in Software Development

The software development process can be complex and time going. It involves many steps, all of which are needed to ensure quality software is created. While processes remain on paper, in practice most developers may not follow them. This can lead to problems, including delays and waste of money and time. There are certain common mistakes that occur in software development. Knowing about these mistakes will ensure they are not committed.

Common software development mistakes

1) Lack of planning

Software development calls for a planned approach. A structured plan is needed with well-defined timelines, responsibilities, and dependencies. Not having a plan is a big mistake that can lead to delays, time and cost overruns, and customer dissatisfaction.

2) Improper requirement study

Probably the most important step in the software development process is the study of customer requirements. A detailed study is needed, so customer requirements are clearly understood and described. Not doing this can lead to serious problems later and may even lead to the customer rejecting the software.

3) Not prioritizing people

A mistake some firms do is to put the project above people. Yes, deadlines and processes are important. But people are more important, because it is people who ultimately develop software. It is important that firms focus on people, ensure they are equipped with skills, and provided all support needed to accomplish tasks.

4) Improper communication

It is very important that communication between the firm and the customer, as well as internal communication is crystal clear. Improper communication can lead to confusion. This can lead to problems in the software itself. Companies need to have clear channels of communication defined.

5) Not giving adequate importance to testing

It is extremely important to carry out comprehensive testing of software. A big mistake some development companies so is not focusing on testing. This can lead to detection of serious errors after delivery. It may even cause the product to fail. This can affect the company’s reputation and would be very costly. It is very important to carry out all tests as planned and not release software until testing is complete.

6) Not sticking to deadlines

A mistake some developers do is to focus so much on perfecting the code that they miss out on deadlines. This can even consequences for the business. It can lead to serious customer dissatisfaction and may even lead to order cancellation.

7) Not working on feedback

It is important to get feedback from interested parties and implement them. Not doing so can lead to problems later including defects and customer complaints.

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