Benefits of Email Verification Software

Experts have for long been predicting the death of email. However, email continues to be used increasingly across the world. There are many tools available for communication today, but email continues to be one of the most popular.

An email is used for everything, including to login to different websites or applications. Email is used for fraud protection and also identity management. Therefore, it becomes important to carry out email verification for increased security.

Email verification – what and why?

To put it in simple terms, email verification is verifying if an email address is valid or not. It is possible that someone uses a fake email address to register for a service or website. This can be done to hide their identity. To avoid this, email verification is essential.

Email verification is simple. A verification email is sent and the email user needs to click on the link in the email. That’s all there is to email verification. It is a simple, fast, and effective way to verify an email.

It is important to know why people use fake email addresses. Some people use it because they don’t want to share their real ID since they may be spammed by marketers. There are hackers who spoof or fake an address to help them do their nefarious activities. This makes it important to verify the email to prevent fraud.

Just verifying if an email is valid may not be enough. Other things may need to be done. Using a software solution for this can help in:

  • Verifying if the email domain is paid or a free one.
  • Checking if the email account is established.
  • Finding out which social media platforms the email address is linked to, and
  • Information of whether the email address has been involved in data breaches.

All the above help in confirming the legitimacy of a customer. It allows businesses to make informed decisions.

Benefits of using Email verification software

Email marketing

Helps in ensuring emails to fake IDs are not sent. This helps in reducing costs. It also prevents email bounce.


One of the steps in know your customer can be email verification. It is one of the ways of verifying a customer’s identity.

Preventing fraud

Using advanced tools can help prevent frauds. Checking the validity of email IDs through social media helps in detecting red flags. The entire process can be automated making it quick and effective without requiring too much of manual work.

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