AR & VR impact on the Creative Aspects

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are popular technologies that have been used in the gaming, entertainment, and many other sectors stated Bahaa Al Zubaidi. Both these technologies have been a boon for creative people. Those who work in art and other creativity activities can use AR and VR to express themselves better. These technologies are new avenues for artists to express themselves.

AR and VR in art

The biggest benefit of using AR and VR is that they offer an immersive experience for viewers. People who view the art or creative work can enjoy it better. Simulated environments can be created using these technologies and they can bring together the digital world with the real world.

An artist can create a scientific display or re-create a scene from history using AR and VR. Such a scene would literally come to life when technology is used. The overall experience of the viewer is enhanced since sound and other elements can be added to the work of art. Devices like headsets, glasses, and even smartphones can be used to enjoy these experiences.

Some of the key benefits AR and VR offer for creative people are:

  • Viewers feel they are part of the work of the art and can enjoy it better. This feature makes AR and VR very useful to enhance the learning process. It is an active way to learn that makes students and learners involve themselves more.
  • Users can interact with the elements of the art work and appreciate it better. An interactive experience can be created for users. It allows them to explore different facets and helps them in divergent thinking.
  • Creative people would like to present new thoughts and ideas. They want to present different viewpoints and this is where AR and VR will help.
  • The availability of a wide variety of tool makes it easy for creative people to use AR and VR. One does not need to know coding or any technology in-depth. Creating artwork through AR and VR is simple and effective.
  • Ultimately, it helps bring the creator and the audience together helping them connect better.


Artists and creative people have never had it so good. Technology is allowing them to express themselves better. Creative work that would take days and weeks can now be done quickly thanks to technology. Both AR and VR have allowed artists to offer an immersive experience to people. The technologies offer endless possibilities for creative persons to express themselves better.

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