Software Testing as a Career

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The job of a Software tester is very crucial and so is Software Testing as a career. It is the lookout of a tester to assure that software performs in its intended manner and does not produce any unintended consequences. It is also the responsibility of a tester to ensure that the software is user-friendly, secure, and capable to perform under pressure.

Qualification to become a Software Tester

There are two distinct streams from where you can become a software tester in terms of qualification. First, testers with Computer Science or Engineering backgrounds with a focus on software testing tools and techniques can take up this career option. And second, testers with domain transition can also move to software testing jobs.

Key Skills That Software Testers Should Possess

  1. Testers must have basic programming skills to be able to review programs and or make use of programming language.
  2. Testers need to be very thorough, focused, and methodical in their approach.
  3. Testers have to be passionate about their job to help them overcome the monotony of doing the repetitive parts with an equal amount of focus.
  4. Innovation is an important aspect of software testing jobs. Testers should always be on the lookout for how to make testing better and faster. Creative and innovative inputs will help testers perform effectively under pressure and contribute to the teamwork before the release of the software.

How to Become a Successful Software Tester-

  • Software Testers must be able to understand the fundamental techniques involved and master the software testing techniques. Testers should be able to carry out white-box testing. This entails that even before the entire system is ready, testers must be able to identify its workflow and point out the defects. Testers also have to deal with non-functional aspects like security, usability, and performance.
  • Knowledge about various software testing tools and making use of multiple tools in varying areas is a basic requirement of becoming a good software tester. The ability to write code to implement the ever-changing technology is a must for the software tester.
  • Focussing on the domain and learning the verticals is also an important part of successful software testers’ job responsibilities. There are different domains like Insurance, Banking, and manufacturing, and these call for proper domain knowledge on the part of software testers.

So, Software Testing is one of the most recognized IT –based career choices with bright prospects. Software are everywhere and so software testers are in high demand. So, get your software testing certification and try to get deeper into the process of defect tracking, configuration management, and automation by learning the ever-evolving tools. Adapting to new tools and technology is a basic requirement to be able to handle all the challenges that come your way in your role as a Software tester.

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