Role of Cloud in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is all about using technology to transform a business to improve customer experience. SMBs or small businesses need digital transformation to survive in the competitive world. SMBs do not have the same resources as larger companies and rely on innovations to stand tall. Digital transformation can help them in this, and cloud computing has a key role to play as per Bahaa Al Zubaidi.

Cloud computing and digital transformation

A survey found that 92% of top executives believed that digital transformation must be a part of a business’ strategy. For digital transformation to take place, it is important to adopt innovative technologies. In today’s world, cloud computing has become one of the top technologies across industry sectors.

Cloud computing involves storing data and applications on the cloud or a data center in a remote location. The main feature of the cloud is that it is available 24/7. You can access your data and apps from anywhere in the world and at any time you want. If you want to set up a server in your business, it calls for huge investments. You can use cloud computing services for a fraction of this price.

The various benefits of cloud computing ensures your digital transformation is effective. Here are some of the key benefits of cloud computing for SMBs:

Remote access

Cloud computing allows remote access. Once data or software apps is uploaded to a cloud server, it can be accessed remotely from anywhere and by using different devices. You can access it from your laptop or a mobile phone.


All the data you upload to the cloud is safe and secure. Leading companies like Amazon and Microsoft offer cloud services that are reliable. Solution providers have their own servers and have systems to ensure security. They keep a track of changes happening and ensure new measures are implemented to deal with threats.

No maintenance

If you have your own servers, you need to maintain them. It calls for investment of money and time. With cloud computing, you only pay a fee for using the services. Setting up the infrastructure and maintaining it is the responsibility of the service provider. You don’t have much work to do and it helps reduce your IT costs.


You can take as much space on the cloud server as you need. It can be scaled by reducing or increasing as per your need. The flexibility helps you plan and implement your digital transformation as and how you want.

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