Evaluating Cloud-based performance testing solutions

In the present time, businesses of all shapes and sizes are taking a global approach. Organizations now understand that individuals with internet access can become potential customers. Therefore, the availability of products and services can rapidly change as they have access to digital interfaces.

For measuring the performance of the application for every geographical location performance testing in the cloud is highly effective. Such a type of performance test can run with load generators across the world utilizing the power of cloud service providers. Alternatively, enterprises can leverage cloud-based performance tools for the same purpose.

The choice of the tool is critical along with the suitability of features to keep up with the necessities. Therefore it is important to understand the prominent features of the tool before its implementation. The current set of cloud-based performance testing tools helps in listing out the features as well as some of the limitations.


It is a commercial load-testing platform that is compatible with Apache JMeter. The tool is a completely online solution that users can access through the web. It is an excellent tool for simple static web pages. It has been designed to replicate the browser activity of the end user for the target user based. The testing platform can also stimulate traffic from mobile devices across different networks.


  • No modification can be made to the user load during the test run.
  • Only compatible with Web services, Web, and Citrix.
  • Analytical metrics are not available based on SLAs.

SOASTA’s CloudTest

It is a cloud-based load and performance testing solution suitable for web apps and mobile applications. With this testing solution, the end user can select Load Generators from a range of Cloud providers. It also provides features like latency simulation and mobile app performance testing. The results obtained from the test are available in the form of custom reports.


  • Result analysis is not compatible with SLA configuration.

StormRunner Load

This is a pure-play cloud solution specifically designed for improving the efficiency of performance testing. Here developers can create performance scripts a lot faster. The SLA violations and anomalies during the test allow end users to identify performance issues. In addition, real-time availability of performance results allows product owners to access performance data quickly.


  • Only compatible with Web protocol
  • No addition or deletion of users during the test
  • Lack of latency or bandwidth simulation
  • No integration of method-level monitoring


Understandably, there is no one tool for all forms of cloud-based performance-based cloud testing. The choice of the perfect tool is largely dependent on multiple parameters. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the needs of an organization to find the best fit.

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