Digital Trust & Government Initiatives

There has been a massive surge in digital activities throughout the world has not been immune to it stated Bahaa Al Zubaidi. The governments have realized how important it is to foster digital trust among its citizens. It has come up with different interesting measures to make sure that the digital transformation does not compromise with the data privacy of the individual. The following are some of the steps undertaken by the government to promote digital trust:

Cybersecurity Measures

The country has a huge cyberspace leading to constant attacks from various quarters. The increase in online payments, swift adoption of cyberspace, the digital currency of the Central Bank are some of the top contributing reasons for the increasing number of cybercrimes in the country.

The Governments have been trying to strengthen the cybersecurity capabilities of the country by allocating a lot of resources.

Digital Campaign

The Governments introduced the Digital campaign to make sure that its services are easily accessible to the citizens digitally by improving Internet connectivity and through enhanced online infrastructure. The initiative also encompasses plans to provide high-speed internet services to rural areas.

Digital Payment Systems

The Government has come up with different steps to encourage and promote digital payments globally. The idea is to create a cashless economy, which is digitally empowered. Today, digital payments in the country can be made through:

  • Different bank cards
  • USSD
  • Bank Prepaid Cards
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Point of Sales Terminals
  • Internet Banking
  • Micro ATMs

Promoting Digital Literacy

The goal is to provide IT training to authorized dealers, women empowerment workers to make them computer literate. The initiatives will ensure people in these segments to effectively and actively participate in the development process and improve their livelihood.

Fostering E-Learning

The Governments have acknowledged the importance of promoting e-learning amid the popularity of the digital world. The Government has suggested different channels of digital learning via various initiatives. A few Governments have even started providing tablets and smartphones to their residents to encourage digital education.


The article covers how the Governments in general realized the importance of promoting digital trust amid the growing popularity of the digital ecosystem. It has introduced various measures to prevent data breach and secure digital transactions. The article has been authored by Bahaa Al Zubaidi and has been published by the editorial board of Tech Domain News. Please visit

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