Collaboration of Dev, Sec & Ops Teams

DevOps is a popular approach to software development that is universally followed noted by Bahaa Al Zubaidi. DevOps has today been replaced by DevSecOps, which is the integration of security into the software development cycle. DevSecOps ensures higher security levels while allowing for fast delivery of software. For DevSecOps to be successful, greater collaboration is needed between the developer, security, and operations teams.

Collaboration – key element in DevSecOps

The two key elements for the success of DevSecOps are collaboration and communication between team members. While DevOps focused on Developers and operations, DevSecOps has brought in security. Integrating security ensures that security issues can be addressed on time, and they do not hamper release/delivery.

For DevSecOps to be successful, three teams are involved. They are the developer team, security team, and operations team. Only if the three teams work closely together, will software delivery happen on time. Let’s discuss how the teams can collaborate.

Align objectives

The three teams need to align their objectives in order to collaborate better. It allows them to achieve their individual team objectives while ensuring that the common objectives are also achieved. Alignment of objectives ensures a better and co-ordinated approach to collaboration. It reduces any friction and allows greater harmony between team members.

Helps in identifying risks early

Any security risk must be identified early so that timely action is taken. A risk that crops up at a later stage can lead to process delays. When there is effective collaboration between security and developer teams, it is possible to carry out risk assessment seamlessly at an early stage. The risks can then be addressed to prevent them from becoming a problem.

Response to incidents is effective

In case any security incident occurs, it is important to take prompt action. For the action to be effective, it is important that all teams communicate well and collaborate to identify measures needed. Developers need to be involved and share their technical expertise.


It is important to comply with regulatory standards. Collaboration is a must to ensure enhanced compliance. Developers must ensure they follow practices in line with standards. Compliance helps in increasing trust.

Sharing of knowledge

Knowledge sharing is important and everyone needs to be aware of what is happening. In DevSecOps, collaboration between teams ensure that everyone are on the same page. Information is shared ensuring that knowledge is transmitted to all teams involved.

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